Who I am?

I'm a MSc student of the Computer Science program at EPFL, at the same time I form part of the HexHive group. My research focuses on systems security.

Previously I've completed a BSc on Mathematics and Computing at UPM and participated on a summer internship at MIT working under the supervision of Prof. Daniel Sánchez on security implications of cache compression.
I have formed part of IMDEA Software Institute as a research intern advised by Prof. Marco Guarnieri, focusing my research on Analysis of countermeasures against speculative execution attacks and Detecting speculative information flows in large code-bases.

My interests

Computer Systems
Security & Privacy
Programming Languages (Functional and Low level)
Software Optimizations
Algorithms and Data Structures
Hardware Architecture
Formal Verification
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science

Languages & Technologies

Haskell   Linux   Rust   C   LaTeX
Assembly   Python   Git   Prolog

Last update: November 2019